Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Light Lines News, A news chanel form the family of light lines, the popular publication for school students.

This news portal stands for coveying news quickly and truthfully. We intend to make it an altogather different reading experience, Bringing information and events with veracity and speed.

Editorial Advisory Board

Sheela Jim

Chief editor Rtd English professor govt College , Kottayam

Dr.Riju Saimon

Professor P.G Department of Political Science, Govt College Kottayam

Dr. Josy Palathara
State Resource Person
Annie cyriac
Resource Person (Teacher Amrita school ) Kottayam
Fr. Joseph Elangimattom
Chief Editor Kudumbajyothi magazine
CMA Santhosh Kumar K.R
Director Logic School of Management
Abhilash Joseph
Students Councillor , motivation speaker
Aneesh Mohan
State coordinator ,IPCAI
Arya Bose
(MSW) – Social worker
Ann Mariya

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