Saturday, June 3, 2023


Tips to remember

  • How can i help You?
  • Shall I help You Sir?
  • Do You think it is …….?
  • Use tag questions
  • use short questions
  • use contracted form eg. You’re, I’ll
  • exclamations
  • if clause

Example – 1

Ray                  :  Good morning

Thorat            :  Good moring Sir.

Ray                  :  You are Mr. Thorat the ring master, aren’t you?

Thorat             :  Yes Sir, How can I help You?

Ray                  :  I want a tiger from your circus.

Thorat             :  Tiger! but why?

Ray                  :  I am taking a film that has a scene with a tiger.

Thorat             :  Oh! then I will surely give you the tiger.

Ray                  :  Do you think the tiger will behave properly?

Thorat             :  I am not sure. But If I instruct him he will surely obey me.

Ray                  : That’s good. Thank you.

Thorat             :  Welcome.


Tips to remember

  • What a horrible day it   was!
  • I had a tough time today.
  • Today was a great/bad/ good/extraordinary/unfortunate day for me.
  • Everyday teaches something new to me.
  • O God! thanks for taking care of me today.
  • I hope and pray to God that tomorrow will bring more happiness to me.
  • Doesn’t he remember me?
  • Hope I will be fine tomorrow.
  • Iwill never forget the day.

Example – 1

What a memorable day! It was by luck that I met that doctor today thank God….!  I was on the verage of death. A real God appeared before me in human from for the second time. He couldn’t recognise me! I revealed my identity to him. He was the one who wished most to see me successful in life. If I could attain anything in life, it is because of that great man. The sergeant made no official report of the case. The land lady offered a month’s free board. I must be thankful to them also.

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